A community of practice is a group of people who come together to build and share knowledge, to build and share skills, to build networks, and to build recognition.

UCD Agile Work Smarter Together

The overall goal of this community of practice is to provide a forum for UCD staff, researchers and students to engage with Citizen Science in their research and teaching through a network of practitioner and knowledge sharing. Key to this is fostering a culture of collaboration and openness.

What is Citizen Science and why get involved?

UCD’s publication Engage your Research : An Introductory Guide to Engaging & Involving the Public in Research states:

“Citizen Science encompasses a wide variety of activities and practices that recognises non-professionals as valued and empowered actors in advancing knowledge, research and innovation.”

And under Horizon Europe’s Open Science Policy a specific aim is to:

“Engage and involve citizens, civil society organisations and end-users in co-design and co-creation processes and promote responsible research and innovation.”

The goals of our community of practice are to: